Top 5 Best Keep It 100 eJuice Flavors of All Time

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From Blue Slushie and KiBerry Killa to Mallow Man and Pink Burst, Keep It 100 eJuice flavors are some of the hottest-selling vape juice flavors on the market.

Year after year after year, vapers just can’t seem to get over those mesmerizing flavors, and who could blame them..? These e-liquids are just too damn delicious!

Alright, now before we go drooling all over the place, let’s get down to business. Without a doubt, Keep It 100, is one of the all-time best of the best eliquid brands, but… out of all their delicious flavors, which are the best Keep It 100 eJuice flavors of all time?

Now that’s a question that could go on for ages… but we shall try!

The Best Keep It 100 eJuice Flavors of All Time

While this question will ultimately come down to your individual flavor preferences, the team here at eLiquid.Monster voted and it was a heated debate (injuries occurred… NJOYs ended up in places they shouldn’t have…), but here are our top 5 picks for the best Keep It 100 eJuice flavors of all time!

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1. Keep It 100 Blue Slushie

keep it 100 blue slushie ejuice | eLiquid.Monster

Keep It 100 Blue Slushie eLiquid is a tart and tangy blue raspberry mixed with sweet strawberries and ice for a frozen fruity concoction reminiscent of your favorite blue convenience store drink.

Experience instant satisfaction as you inhale the perfect burst of blue raspberry and ripe strawberries, then get ready for a flavor-packed euphoria as you exhale and the flavor intensifies to the ultimate level of enjoyment.

Without a doubt, Keep It 100 Blue Slushie has got to be one of the best all-time eliquids in existence! it’s no surprise that this mouth-watering flavor continues to be one of the hottest selling e-liquids, year after year after year.

2. Keep It 100 KiBerry Killa

keep it 100 kiberry killa ejuice | eLiquid.Monster

Keep It 100 Kiberry Killa is a sweet and satisfying fruit duo of fresh, ripe strawberries blended with a kick of sour kiwi.

As you inhale, you’re met with the sweet pleasant flavor of perfect summer strawberries, and at just the right moment, a surge of kiwi shakes things up. As you exhale, the two fruits blend together so perfectly you don’t want the flavor to fade away.

Who knows that feeling?!

3. Keep It 100 Strawberry Milk

keep it 100 strawberry milk ejuice | eLiquid.Monster

How to describe Keep It 100 Strawberry Milk… delicious…. satisfying… heavenly. Yeah, that’s right, heavenly. Strawberry Milk delivers the rich, smooth flavor of a pile of ripe strawberries, blended together with two generous scoops of ice cream, then finally topped off with a huge dollop of whipped cream.

And don’t forget the bendy straw; Keep It 100 Strawberry Milk is literally just that perfect!

Take one puff of this top-selling vape juice flavor and you’ll be whisked away to cloud 9.

4. Keep It 100 Pink Burst

keep it 100 pink burst | eLiquid.Monster

Pink Burst is goodness packed in a bottle and the perfect vape juice flavor if you have a sweet tooth. Every time you inhale, your tongue is electrified with a surge of sweet and juicy strawberry tart flavor that gets better and better each time.

Once you taste this blissful flavor, your 100ml bottle of Keep it 100 Pink Burst will be gone before you know it.

5. Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares

keep it 100 krunchy squares ejuice | eLiquid.Monster

Any cereal vape juice flavor lovers out there? We know you were waiting for this one to come up on the list.

Packed with more flavor than some can handle, Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares is definitely one of the most delicious breakfast vape juice flavors on the planet. Crisp, crunchy, cinnamon-covered squares, toasted to perfection and doused in a wave of sweet, creamy milk, Krunchy Squares gives you the satisfying pleasure of enjoying that perfect bowl of breakfast, anywhere, anytime.

There’s Just Too Many Good Keep It 100 eJuice Flavors

Now that was a tough decision! Even now, it doesn’t feel right that some of those delicious flavors aren’t on here… there’s just too many good Keep It 100 flavors out there!

What do you guys think of our top 5 picks, which are yours? Chat with us in the comments and share your list!

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